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Discover the possibilities.. In custom designed furniture rental options.

You’ve got ONE Chance to make a BEST Impression!

POSH Furniture Rental is here to listen, learn and understand your trade show or special event goals.

Together – let’s create a visual marketing message that propels your company brand forward and outshines
all competition.

What’s New

  • Voo Lounge Chair Cst

    Voo Lounge Chair

    Dim. 41L x 32D x 35H
    Lbs. 53
    Mat. Micro-Velvet
    Colors Available: As Shown

  • Pillar

    Pillar Ottomans

    Dim. 54L x 20D x 20H
    Lbs. Not Available
    Mat. Leather
    Colors Available: As Shown

  • Host Bench (M15852_MacintoshBenchCP lazar)

    Host Bench

    Dim. 48L x 18D x 18H
    Lbs. 24
    Mat. Velvet
    Colors Available: As Shown

  • Cluster Cubes

    Cluster Cubes Ottomans

    Dim. 16L x 16D x 16H
    Lbs. 100
    Mat. Leather
    Colors Available: As Shown

  • Barclay Chair

    Barclay Chair

    Dim. 32L x 37D x 41H
    Mat. Embossed Leather
    Colors Available: As Shown